Laura-Isabelle Dion-Bertrand

Application Scientist, Photon etc.

What is your physics education

What was your physics education?

I have a Bachelor degree in physics from University of Montreal as well as a Master degree in condensed matter also from University of Montreal.

Other education and skills?

Other education/experience?

During my Master degree, I also took a Relationship Selling class at HEC Montréal in order to get more skills in sales.

What is was your first job, was it a physics job, did you use your physics background?

How did you get your first job? Was it a physics job? Did you use your physics background?

I met my current boss during a scientific conference where he was a panellist. We discussed the different job opportunities offered at Photon etc although I still had more than 6 months left at my master degree. When an Application Scientist job opened a few months later, he contacted me. This is how I got my first job in a company in the field of optics and photonics. My studies in physics are essential to my work. It allows me to understand the research projects of our customers and ask them the right questions to determine if our products can answer their scientific needs.

What were your subsequent job searches, career changes etc

Describe subsequent job searches and career changes.


Memorable physics moments

What was your most memorable physics moment?

Probably when I gave my first talk at the MRS meeting at Boston. I had the chance to meet passionate scientists from all over the world and discuss about science for hours.

Which parts of your physics education have been most useful

Which parts of your physics education have been the most useful?

My condensed matter physics courses and my chemistry class of materials characterization are probably the ones that are most useful to me today. Those classes help me understand the different research projects of our clients. All the conferences I have attended are particularly useful to me because they have enabled me to develop a scientific network that is essential when working in sales.

Differences between jobs that a person with a MSc can get versus BSc, or PhD vs MSc etc

Differences between jobs for graduates with MSc vs BSc or PhD vs MSc?


Courses you should have paid more attention to

Courses you should have paid more attention to...

Studying physics was really hard for me. Sometimes (often), the workload was so important, I did not take the time to understand; I hurried into learning. I paid attention to all courses, but I think I did it the wrong way by focusing on the exams and not the theory.