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Physicist Ron Rogge (NRC - Neutron Program for Materials Research) indicates the regions of interest in a plastically-deformed steel specimen prior to neutron stress scanning at Chalk River Laboratories.



Rosaura Ham-su (graduate student at McMaster University) aligns a ceramic composite specimen in a four-circle neutron diffractometer at Chalk River Laboratories, to collect experimental data to test theories of particle-matrix stresses.

Dave Whittal uses an oscilloscope to inspect signals from electronics modules used to read out the Medium Resolution Spectrometer (MRS) at TRIUMF while Ed Brash uses a computer to analyze some of the data. The MRS is used to study intermediate energy proton and neutron scattering experiments.


Professional Organizations

Canadian Association of Physicists

Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists

Biophysical Society of Canada

Canadian Astronomical Society

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American Institute of Physics

National Association of Science Writers

European Physical Society

Canadian Radiation Protection Association

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McMaster University Science Career & Cooperative Education

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Atomic Energy Canada Limited

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Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

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FAQ’s (Syracuse University, Department of Physics)


VSM MedTech Ltd./ CTF Systems



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physics jobs employment

physics jobs employment

physics jobs employment

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physics jobs employment
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physics jobs employment

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